Garages carry out braking system repairs at very competitive prices.
We offer a free brake check to all our customers for your safety and peace of mind.

Garages also service or replace

  • Brake disc and pads
  • Brake drums and shoes
  • Broken or stretched handbrake cables.
  • Flush the braking systems hydraulic fluid with fresh brake fluid.
  • Replace faulty brake relay switches usually located behind the brake pedal.

Maintenance Schedule

Sticking to the schedule specified in your owners manual will keep you from forgetting when it’s time to service your brakes. If you are not sure when to replace your pads or fluid, a good rule of thumb is to inspect your brake pads for wear about every 12,000 miles. Many manufacturers recommend replacing them if there is 1/8 inch or less of the pad lining remaining or they recommend replacing them around every 25,000 miles. Check your brake fluid from time to time or ask that your service technician inspect it at each oil change. If the brake fluid is dirty, you should replace it. If you can’t tell or you wish to replace it on a regular basis, many manufacturers recommend replacing brake fluid every 20,000 to 25,000 miles. Always remember to replace brake pads and brake fluid according to your style of driving and your specific vehicle’s needs.